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Transformational leadership and workplace injury and absenteeism: Analysis of a National Nursing Assistant Survey

Auteur     Doohee Lee
Auteur     Alberto Coustasse
Auteur     Andrew, Sr Sikula
Résumé     BACKGROUND:: Transformational leadership (TL) has long been popular among management scholars and health services researchers, but no research studies have empirically tested the association of TL with workplace injuries and absenteeism among nursing assistants (NAs). PURPOSE:: This cross-sectional study seeks to explore whether TL is associated with workplace injuries and absenteeism among NAs. METHODOLOGY:: We analyzed the 2004 National Nursing Assistant Survey data (n = 2,882). A multivariate logistic regression analysis was performed to test the role of TL in the context of workplace performances. PRINCIPAL FINDINGS:: Results reveal that the TL model was positively linked to workplace injury in the level of NAs. Injury-related absenteeism was also associated with the TL style, indicating that TL behaviors may help address workplace absence among NAs. PRACTICE IMPLICATIONS:: Findings suggest that introducing TL practices may benefit NAs in improving workplace performances.
Publication     Health Care Management Review
Date     Jun 21, 2011

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