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Médecine du travail du personnel hospitalier

Attitudes to work and health in doctors in training

Auteur     J Allen
Auteur     D Cohen
Résumé     BACKGROUND: To date initiatives about work and health issues have been focused on general practitioners (GPs). The recent change to sickness certification (fit note) now requires all hospital doctors to provide patients in their immediate care with a MED 3 where necessary. AIMS: To investigate the attitudes and behaviours of hospital-based trainees to the management of work and health in their consultations and their sickness certification practices to inform future training in this area. METHODS: A questionnaire was developed to gather information on the attitudes of trainees to the assessment and provision of advice about fitness for work and the frequency of providing sickness certificates. This electronic survey was sent to trainees from the London and Wales deaneries. RESULTS: Nine hundred and eighteen trainees were recruited to the study across 23 specialities. 85% of the sample responded that they rarely or never wrote certificates. Over 70% suggested that it was important to consider work and health as part of their rehabilitation plan. However, 69% suggested that they were not confident in assessing a patient’s fitness to work (FTW). Over 70% of trainees reported not having sufficient knowledge or training to assess and manage a patient’s FTW. CONCLUSIONS: This evaluation has demonstrated that trainees recognize the importance of addressing heath and work, but lack the confidence to do this effectively. They recognize their lack of knowledge in this area. This highlights the need to address current training programmes for secondary care practitioners.
Publication     Occupational Medicine (Oxford, England)
Date     Oct 1, 2010

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