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Job satisfaction, life satisfaction and burnout in French anaesthetists

Auteur     Bruno Chiron
Auteur     Estelle Michinov
Auteur     Elodie Olivier-Chiron
Auteur     Marc Laffon
Auteur     Emmanuel Rusch
Résumé     The present study aimed to examine the prevalence of burnout, levels of life satisfaction and job satisfaction in anaesthetists in France. A cross-sectional study was conducted among 193 anaesthetists from eight French public hospitals. The results indicated low levels of emotional exhaustion and depersonalization scores, but high levels of reduced accomplishment. The results also revealed differences between subgroups: physician anaesthetists reported higher levels of depersonalization and reduced accomplishment than nurse anaesthetists, female and junior anaesthetists reported higher levels of emotional exhaustion and job dissatisfaction than male and senior anaesthetists. The results and the implications to reduce burnout symptoms in anesthesia teams are discussed.
Publication     Journal of Health Psychology
Volume     15
Numéro     6
Pages     948-958
Date     Sep 2010

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