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Work-life conflicts and health among Swiss physicians–in comparison with other university graduates and with the general Swiss working population

Auteur     Michaela Knecht
Auteur     Georg F Bauer
Auteur     Richard Klaghofer
Auteur     Barbara Buddeberg-Fischer
Auteur     Martina Stamm
Auteur     Oliver Hämmig

Résumé    OBJECTIVE The present study aimed to compare the prevalence of work-life conflicts and the health status of physicians, with a representative sample of university graduates as well as with a representative sample of the general Swiss working population. Furthermore, it aimed to analyse whether work-life conflicts correlate with the health of physicians, as it does in the general working population. METHODS The present cross-sectional study analysed data from 2007 originating from the SwissMedCareer Study (a prospective cohort study of physicians who graduated in 2001; n = 543) and the Swiss Household Panel (a representative Swiss survey on living and working conditions; university graduates of the same age range: n = 172, general working population of the same age range: n = 670). Data were analysed with Chi2 tests, correlations and logistic regressions. RESULTS Physicians reported strong time-based as well as strain-based work-life conflicts more frequently than university graduates and the general working population. Significantly more physicians reported « moderate » to « very poor » health than the other two samples. Surprisingly, on the other side of the scale (« very good » health), physicians outnumbered the other samples too. Strong associations between work-life conflict and self-rated health as well as various health complaints were found for physicians. CONCLUSIONS The high prevalence of work-life conflicts may explain the comparably high prevalence of poor self-rated health in the physicians’ sample.
Publication     Swiss Medical Weekly: Official Journal of the Swiss Society of Infectious Diseases, the Swiss Society of Internal Medicine, the Swiss Society of Pneumology
Volume     140
Pages     w13063
Date     2010

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