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MRSA in dermatology – Prospective epidemiological study in employees and patients of a dermatological department of a university hospital

Auteur     Stefanie Reich-Schupke
Auteur     Gabriele Geis
Auteur     Matthias Reising
Auteur     Peter Altmeyer
Auteur     Markus Stücker
Résumé   BACKGROUND In recent years, the prevalence of MRSA has increased worldwide. There is a lack of systematic epidemiological studies evaluating the prevalence of MRSA in dermatology in Germany. OBJECTIVE What is the prevalence of MRSA in the employees and hospitalized patients in a dermatological department? What dermatological diagnoses have the highest risk for MRSA? METHODS Nasal swabs taken twice (at admission and discharge) from all consenting hospitalized patients and once from all consenting employees were analyzed for MRSA. RESULTS Analysis von 798 swabs (715 patients, 83 employees). Detection of MRSA in 31 swabs (MRSA rates: all = 4.3 %, patients = 3.7 %, employees = 4.8 %). Patients with a chronic leg ulcer had a significantly increased risk for MRSA (p = 0.03). Increased MRSA rates without statistical significance were found for men, patients with at least one hospitalization during the last 12 weeks and a hospitalization of at least 5 days. None of the patients with psoriasis had MRSA. CONCLUSIONS In comparison to international studies, the prevalence of MRSA in the current study is in the lower third. In dermatology, patients with a chronic leg ulcer have an increased risk for MRSA and should be screened at admission. A general screening for MRSA seems to be not reasonable in view of the low MRSA rates in the investigated department.
Publication     Journal Der Deutschen Dermatologischen Gesellschaft = Journal of the German Society of Dermatology: JDDG
Volume     8
Numéro     8
Pages     607-613
Date     Aug 2010

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