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A 2009 varicella outbreak in a Connecticut residential facility for adults with intellectual disability

Auteur     Jessica Leung
Auteur     Kathy Kudish
Auteur     Chengbin Wang
Auteur     Latetia Moore
Auteur     Paul Gacek
Auteur     Kay Radford
Auteur     Adriana Lopez
Auteur     Lynn Sosa
Auteur     D Scott Schmid
Auteur     Matthew Cartter
Auteur     Stephanie Bialek
Résumé     We investigated a varicella outbreak in a residential facility for adults with intellectual disabilities. A case of varicella was defined as a generalized maculopapular rash that developed in a facility resident or employee. Immunoglobulin M testing was conducted on serologic samples, and polymerase chain reaction testing was performed on environmental and skin lesion samples. Eleven cases were identified among 70 residents and 2 among ∼145 staff. An unrecognized case of herpes zoster was the likely source. Case patients first entered any residential facility at a younger age than non-case residents (9.5 vs 15.0 years; P < .01). Varicella zoster virus DNA was detected 2 months after the outbreak in environmental samples obtained from case patients’ residences. This outbreak exemplifies the potential for at-risk pockets of varicella-susceptible adults, especially among those who have lived in residential facilities from a young age. Evidence of immunity should be verified for all adults and healthcare staff in similar residential settings.
Publication     The Journal of Infectious Diseases
Volume     202
Numéro     10
Pages     1486-1491
Date     Nov 15, 2010

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