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Vaccination of health care workers for influenza: promote safety culture, not coercion

Auteur     Annalee Yassi
Auteur     Karen Lockhart
Auteur     Jane A Buxton
Auteur     Isobel McDonald
Résumé     OBJECTIVES: In British Columbia (BC), Canada, all health care facilities must have a written staff policy on influenza immunization that includes notice that non-immunized staff can be excluded from work without pay during an influenza outbreak in the facility. In light of this policy, our objectives were to explore the views of BC health care workers (HCWs) regarding how best to promote vaccine uptake. METHODS: Long-term care, and acute and community health sites in three of six health regions were divided into thirds, according to their previous season’s vaccine uptake rates, and the upper and lower thirds targeted. Ten focus groups were held. NVivo software (QSR International) and a separate editing style were used for analysis. RESULTS: Four dominant themes emerged: knowledge, communication, perceived punitive nature of workplace policy, and safety climate. HCWs across all focus groups noted that influenza campaign communications should include reinforcement of basic infection control, workplace health and healthy lifestyle choices that affect overall health. HCWs indicated that they wanted a workplace policy that is easy to understand, respectful of individual choice and not punitive. CONCLUSIONS: Our findings highlight the importance of comprehensive approaches, a message that has not appeared as strongly in previous literature. Focus group participants pointed out the importance of health and safety at work generally and felt that creating a healthy workplace culture is necessary to promoting vaccine uptake. Future vaccine promotion initiatives should be integrated into facility-wide workplace health campaigns and care taken to ensure that vaccination campaigns do not appear coercive to HCWs.
Publication     Canadian Journal of Public Health. Revue Canadienne De Santé Publique
Volume     101 Suppl 1
Pages     S41-45
Date     2010 Mar-Apr

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