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Occupational allergic contact dermatitis from tetrazepam in nurses

Auteur Kim Vander Hulst
Auteur Stefan Kerre
Auteur An Goossens
Résumé Background: Tetrazepam is a muscle relaxant belonging to the benzodiazepine group. Drug eruptions following ingestion of tetrazepam tablets are well known. Objective: To draw the attention to occupational airborne dermatitis and/or hand dermatitis in nurses resulting from crushing of tablets for elderly or disabled people. Methods: Since 2003, 16 nurses with facial (eyelid) and/or hand dermatitis, suspected to be of occupational origin, were patch tested with the medication they handled during work. Results: Ten nurses presented with a positive patch test reaction to tablets containing tetrazepam, 14 controls remaining negative. Some of them also reacted to other drugs. Conclusion: Occupational airborne and/or hand contact dermatitis from tetrazepam might be much more common than suspected by dermatologists, particularly in view of the short period in which all cases have been observed.
Publication Contact Dermatitis
Volume 62
Numéro 5
Pages 303-308
Date May 2010

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