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Comparison of blood transmission through latex and nitrile glove materials

Auteur Massoud Mansouri
Auteur Mike Tidley
Auteur Kaveh A Sanati
Auteur Christopher Roberts
Résumé AIMS: To compare blood transmission through nitrile, single and double layer latex glove materials in simulated needlestick injuries. METHODS: Experiments involved nitrile, single and double layer latex gloves. A cutting suture needle was dipped into a specimen of blood and then immediately jabbed through the glove material into a cell containing saline. This process was repeated using the same blood specimen with different glove materials, plus a control experiment with no glove material. Other factors, including the angle, speed and depth of needle penetration, were controlled through the use of a testing machine. Following needle punctures, samples were taken from the suspension contained in each cell and examined under blind conditions. Median red blood cell (RBC) count was used as a measure of the quantities of blood transmitted through the different gloves. RESULTS: Nitrile glove material was associated with reduced transmission of RBCs compared to single layer latex. Double layer latex gloves provided better protection than single layer latex or nitrile gloves. CONCLUSIONS: These findings suggest that in protecting against blood transmission in the context of needlestick injuries, single layer nitrile gloves are superior to single layer latex gloves, but double gloving with latex gloves provides better protection than either single layer latex or nitrile.
Publication Occupational Medicine (Oxford, England)
Date Jan 22, 2010

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