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Impact of varicella vaccine on varicella-zoster virus dynamics

Auteur     D Scott Schmid
Auteur     Aisha O Jumaan
Résumé     The licensure and recommendation of varicella vaccine in the mid-1990s in the United States have led to dramatic declines in varicella incidence and varicella-related deaths and hospitalizations. Varicella outbreaks remain common and occur increasingly in highly vaccinated populations. Breakthrough varicella in vaccinated individuals is characteristically mild, typically with fewer lesions that frequently do not progress to a vesicular stage. As such, the laboratory diagnosis of varicella has grown increasingly important, particularly in outbreak settings. In this review the impact of varicella vaccine on varicella-zoster virus (VZV) disease, arising complications in the effective diagnosis and monitoring of VZV transmission, and the relative strengths and limitations of currently available laboratory diagnostic techniques are all addressed. Since disease symptoms often resolve in outbreak settings before suitable test specimens can be obtained, the need to develop new diagnostic approaches that rely on alternative patient samples is also discussed.
Publication     Clinical Microbiology Reviews
Volume     23
Numéro     1
Pages     202-217
Date     Jan 2010

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