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HIV-1 infection of a nurse from a newborn with an unknown HIV infection: a case report

Auteur     Davide Gibellini
Auteur     Marco Borderi
Auteur     Isabella Bon
Auteur     Carlo Biagetti
Auteur     Elisa De Crignis
Auteur     Maria Carla Re
Résumé     BACKGROUND: HIV infection of healthcare workers by injury is an important issue in the management and prophylaxis of HIV-related disease. OBJECTIVES: To describe a case where a nurse has been HIV-1 infected by needle-stick whilst taking blood from a newborn with an unknown HIV infection. STUDY DESIGN: Virological, immunological and clinical analysis of a peculiar case of HIV transmission from newborn to nurse has been reported. RESULTS: The nurse has been infected by needle-stick injury whilst taking blood from a newborn with an unknown HIV infection. The delayed declaration of accident by nurse and the inaccurate medical management of pregnant woman determined the subsequent absence of correct prophylaxis measures and then the impossibility to tackle the HIV transmission. CONCLUSION: This case indicates that HIV serological screening of pregnant women and prompt accident notification by health-care workers represent basic preventive measures that should effectively tackle the spread of HIV infection.
Publication     Journal of Clinical Virology: The Official Publication of the Pan American Society for Clinical Virology
Volume     46
Numéro     4
Pages     374-377
Date     Dec 2009

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