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Bordetella pertussis and pertussis vaccines

Auteur     Nicole Guiso
Résumé     Bordetella pertussis is a human-specific pathogen that causes whooping cough. The use of pertussis whole-cell vaccines in infants and toddlers led to decreased circulation of the bacterium in the child population and a marked decrease in the incidence of the disease. However, vaccine does not result in life-long immunity; indeed, the circulation of the bacterium has not been controlled in the adult population. Universal adult booster immunization is now possible using pertussis acellular vaccines, which target-and are thus likely to control-the virulence of this bacterium.
Publication     Clinical Infectious Diseases: An Official Publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America
Volume     49
Numéro     10
Pages     1565-1569
Date     Nov 15, 2009

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