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Building capacity to secure healthier and safer working conditions for healthcare workers: A South African-Canadian collaboration

Auteur Annalee Yassi

Auteur Letshego E Nophale

Auteur Lyndsay Dybka

Auteur Elizabeth Bryce

Auteur Willem Kruger

Auteur Jerry Spiegel

Résumé Healthcare workers face difficult working conditions, particularly where HIV and tuberculosis add to understaffing. Questionnaires, workplace assessments, and discussion groups were conducted at a regional hospital in South Africa to obtain baseline data and input from the workforce in designing interventions. Findings highlighted weaknesses in knowledge, for example regarding the use of N95 respirators and safe handling of sharps, and suggested the need for improved training. Access to supplies and personal protective equipment was the major reported reason for failure to follow proper procedures; this was confirmed by workplace assessments. Discussion groups highlighted the important role for worker Health and Safety Committees (HSC), including in combating stigma and encouraging reporting. Interest in data to support decision-making resulted in development of the Occupational Health and Safety Information System (OHASIS); further training of HSCs is still needed. Multi-stakeholder international collaboration aimed at building HSC capacity is well-received.

Publication International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health

Volume 15

Numéro 4

Pages 360-369

Date 2009 Oct-Dec

Abréviation de revue Int J Occup Environ Health

ISSN 1077-3525


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