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A novel method of measuring the mental workload of anaesthetists during simulated practice

Auteur D H J Davis

Auteur M Oliver

Auteur A J Byrne

Résumé BACKGROUND: Cognitive overload has been recognized as a significant cause of error in industries such as aviation, and measuring mental workload has become a key method of improving safety. The aim of this study was to pilot the use of a new method of measuring mental workload using a previously published study design. METHODS: Ten trainee anaesthetists were exposed to a simulated crisis, similar to that used in a previous study. The mental workload of the trainees was assessed by measuring their response times to a wireless vibrotactile device. RESULTS: Although all subjects treated the 'patient' adequately, response times increased significantly during the crisis (P=0.005). These findings are consistent with increased mental workload and with the findings of other studies using similar techniques. CONCLUSIONS: These findings confirm the importance of mental workload to the performance of anaesthetists, and suggest that raised mental workload is likely to be a common problem. Although further studies are required, the method described may provide a useful method for the measurement of the mental workload of anaesthetists.

Publication British Journal of Anaesthesia

Volume 103

Numéro 5

Pages 665-669

Date Nov 2009

Abréviation de revue Br J Anaesth

DOI 10.1093/bja/aep268

ISSN 1471-6771


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