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Assessment of Noise Exposures in a Hospital Kitchen

NIOSH, Health Hazard Evaluation Report 2007-0183-3047
Assessment of Noise Exposures in a Hospital Kitchen
Chandran Achutan, Ph.D.
NIOSH responded to a management request at a hospital concerning noise exposures to personnel in the nutrition and food service department. NIOSH completed noise dosimetry measurements on food service workers and took sound level measurements throughout the work area. NIOSH found that the readings did not exceed OSHA criteria, but two employees’ measurements did exceed the NIOSH recommended exposure limit. NIOSH recommended that metal racks and utensils be replaced with non-metal, food-safe materials to reduce metal-to-metal contact noise. NIOSH also recommended that food service employees wear hearing protection devices until noise levels are reduced in high exposure areas. The final report is available at

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