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Médecine du travail du personnel hospitalier

Municipal healthcare workers: work-related health hazards.

Occup Med. 2001 Jan-Mar;16(1):143-61.
Municipal healthcare workers: work-related health hazards.
Rogers B.
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 27599-7400, USA.

Municipal healthcare workers are at risk for a variety of occupational health hazards as a result of daily exposure to work-related biological, chemical, enviromechanical, physical, and psychosocial agents. In addition, this population of workers has not been well studied, so the actual risk may be substantially underreported. This chapter describes these risks and hazards as well as prevention and control strategies. A clear and concerted emphasis on specifically targeting this at-risk workforce both in terms of hazard identification and developing and measuring strategies for risk reduction should be a high priority.

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