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Determinants of healthcare workers' compliance with infection control procedures.

Healthc Q. 2007;10(1):44-52.
Determinants of healthcare workers’ compliance with infection control procedures.
Yassi A, Lockhart K, Copes R, Kerr M, Corbiere M, Bryce E, Danyluk Q, Keen D, Yu S, Kidd C, Fitzgerald M, Thiessen R, Gamage B, Patrick D, Bigelow P, Saunders S; SARS Study Team.
Occupational Healt h and Safety Agency for Health Care, Vancouver, British Columbia.

The purpose of this study was to assess determinants of healthcare worker (HCW) self-reported compliance with infection control procedures. A survey was conducted of HCWs in 16 healthcare facilities. A strong correlation was found between both environmental and organizational factors and self-reported compliance. No relationship was found with individual factors. Only 5% of respondents rated their training in infection control as excellent, and 30% felt they were not offered the necessary training. We concluded that compliance with infection control procedures is tied to environmental factors and organizational characteristics, suggesting that efforts to improve availability of equipment and promote a safety culture are key. Training should be offered to high-risk HCWs, demonstrating an organizational commitment to their safety.

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