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Healthcare worker influenza immunization vaccinate or mask policy: strategies for cost effective implementation and subsequent reductions in staff absenteeism due to illness

Auteur       P. G. Van Buynder
Auteur       S. Konrad
Auteur       F. Kersteins
Auteur       E. Preston
Auteur       P. D. Brown
Auteur       D. Keen
Auteur       N. J. Murray
Volume       33
Numéro       13
Pages       1625-1628
Publication       Vaccine
ISSN       1873-2518
Date       Mar 24, 2015
Résumé       BACKGROUND: A new policy requiring staff in clinical areas to vaccinate or wear a mask was implemented in British Columbia (BC) in the 2012/13 winter. This review assessed the impact of the policy on absenteeism in health care workers. METHODS: A retrospective cohort study of full-time HCW that worked prior to and during the 2012/13 influenza season in a health authority in BC. The rate of absenteeism due to all cause illness was compared between vaccinated and unvaccinated staff controlling for behaviors outside influenza season. RESULTS: Of the 10079 HCW, 77% were vaccinated. By comparison to absenteeism rates in the pre-influenza season, unvaccinated staff in winter had twice the increase in absenteeism due to all-cause illness than vaccinated staff. CONCLUSION: After controlling for baseline differences between those vaccinated and unvaccinated, influenza vaccination was associated with reduced absenteeism, saving the Health Authority substantial money. Having regular staff in attendance increases the quality of care.

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