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The influence of work patterns on indicators of cardiometabolic risk in female hospital employees

Auteur     Megan Kirk
Auteur     Elizabeth VanDenKerkhof
Auteur     Ian Janssen
Auteur     Joan Tranmer
Volume     45
Numéro     5
Pages     284-291
Publication     The Journal of Nursing Administration
ISSN     1539-0721
Date     May 2015
Résumé     OBJECTIVE: This study explored the associations between work patterns and indicators of cardiometabolic risk in female hospital employees. BACKGROUND: Aspects of work environments potentially influence the health of employees; however, we have a poor understanding of how different hospital work patterns contribute to cardiovascular risk in female employees. METHODS: We conducted a cross-sectional study of 466 female employees from 2 hospitals in Ontario. Data were collected through self-report, physical examination, and use of hospital administrative work data. RESULTS: In the adjusted analyses, full-time work status, extended shift length, and working 35 or more paid overtime hours per year were significantly associated with metabolic syndrome. CONCLUSIONS: Different work patterns increase cardiometabolic risk in female employees, suggesting a need to better monitor the health of the workforce and implement healthy workplace policy.

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