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Alcohol Misuse Among Nursing Students

Auteur     Julie McCulloh Nair
Auteur     Lynne S. Nemeth
Auteur     Pamela Holtzclaw Williams
Auteur     Susan D. Newman
Auteur     Marilyn S. Sommers
Volume     26
Numéro     2
Pages     71-80
Publication     Journal of Addictions Nursing
ISSN     1548-7148
Date     2015 Apr-Jun
Résumé     BACKGROUND: The self-reported prevalence of alcohol use among U.S. college students decreased from 90.5% in 1980 to 79.2% in 2012. National efforts exist to reduce alcohol misuse among college students in the United States, yet little research addresses substance abuse among nursing students and even less addresses alcohol misuse. Alcohol misuse in nursing students may result in patient harm. PURPOSE: This scoping study describes the state of the science of alcohol misuse among nursing students, guided by the research question: « What is the current state of alcohol misuse among U.S. nursing students? » METHODS: Evidence was drawn from several scholarly sources. Articles were included if they addressed U.S. nursing students; alcohol misuse; substance abuse or chemical impairment; prevalence rates; and/or characteristics including nursing student behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs. Using thematic analysis, common themes were extracted, followed by hand coding those themes and using NVivo qualitative software. RESULTS: Six studies met inclusion criteria. Three themes, eight subthemes, and several gaps in knowledge were identified. The themes include « high prevalence exists, » « necessity of supportive environments, » and « hopelessness without policies. » Subthemes include « root cause, » « vulnerable population, » « scholarship and substance use, » « education, » « identification of risk factors, » « prevention and deterrents, » « safety, » « ethical and legal issues, » and « consequences. » CONCLUSIONS: On the basis of this analysis, several research questions were developed to explore alcohol misuse in this population. Alcohol was the most often used substance. Nursing students were unaware of a safe level of consumption and the potential negative health-related and professional effects associated with alcohol misuse.

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