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Association of HLA alleles with the responsiveness to hepatitis B virus vaccination in Korean infants

Auteur     Jong Hyun Yoon
Auteur     Sue Shin
Auteur     Ji won In
Auteur     Ju Young Chang
Auteur     Eun Young Song
Auteur     Eun Youn Roh
Volume     32
Numéro     43
Pages     5638-5644
Publication     Vaccine
ISSN     1873-2518
Date     Sep 29, 2014
Résumé     Hepatitis B virus (HBV) vaccination is the most effective means of countering HBV-related morbidity and mortality, and individuals who do not respond to vaccination (non-responders) are problematic. The aim of the present study was to investigate associations between HLA and responsiveness to HBV vaccine in Korean infants. A total of 944 healthy Korean infants 9-12 months old were enrolled, and HLA distribution was compared among subgroups in accordance with the response to HBV vaccination. The HLA distribution of the subjects was similar to known Korean population data and did not deviate from the HWE proportions. The alleles that showed positive associations with non-responsiveness (<10mIU/mL) or low antibody titer (<100mIU/mL) were HLA-A*33, B62, DRB1*04, and DRB1*07, while the alleles A*02 and DRB1*08 showed negative associations. Among these alleles, B62, DRB1*07 and DRB1*08(-) showed significant associations with a poor or decreased response to vaccination even after correction (OR=1.83, 1.99, 5.63; pc<0.05) and also showed dose effects. After stratification by other associated alleles at different loci, B62 and DRB1*07 were independently associated with non-responsiveness, but A*02(-) and DRB1*08(-) lost their individual associations. The combined association of A*02(-)-DRB1*08(-) and B62-DRB1*08(-) was significant (OR=25.2 and 24.5; pc<0.05). Although the hierarchy is not clear, we can assume the following: (i) B62 and DRB1*07 have independent effects, (ii) DRB1*08(-) has a very strong and synergic effect, and (iii) there is probability of a third factor controlling A*02(-) and DRB1*08(-) with an effect on non-responsiveness to HBV vaccination in Korean infants.

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