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Safe Patient Handling and Movement Principles

NIOSH, january 2006
Safe Patient Handling and Movement Principles
‘The information contained in this document is still in draft form and as such should not be considered as a final statement of NIOSH policy.
The presentation Safe Patient Handling and Movement Principles, was developed by NIOSH and its partners, the American Nurses Association and the Veterans Health Administration’s Patient Safety Center, to improve work practices for patient care workers. This presentation is designed for use in training by schools of nursing. The presentation will remain available for review until May 30, 2006. After that date, NIOSH will consider all the comments submitted, and make appropriate revisions to the presentation before publishing a final version. This presentation will also undergo scientific peer review. The details of this review will be referenced on the NIOSH Web site in the near future. The presentation is formatted in Flash and includes both audio and video. The draft presentation is available in an online version and a downloadable version.

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