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Antineoplastic agent workplace contamination study: the Alberta Cancer Board Pharmacy perspective.

J Oncol Pharm Pract. 2005 Sep;11(3):101-9.
Antineoplastic agent workplace contamination study: the Alberta Cancer Board Pharmacy perspective.
‘Schulz H, Bigelow S, Dobish R, Chambers CR.
Cross Cancer Institute Site, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.’

STUDY OBJECTIVE: To investigate the feasibility of routine monitoring for workplace antineoplastic agent contamination in the Alberta Cancer Board (ACB) pharmacy practice environment. SETTING: The ACB in the Canadian province of Alberta, which includes two public tertiary centres and 17 associated community satellite sites based around the province in existing hospitals. METHODS: Obtained organizational support and input prior to launching the feasibility study (Phase I). Samples were analysed for a common cytotoxic agent – cyclophosphamide. Surfaces chosen were within the biological safety cabinets, workplace counter tops and on external surfaces of vials provided by manufacturers. Blank samples and known contaminated controls were included in Phase I to reconfirm the methodology in a previously published study. Feasibility aspects of logistics and financial expenses were examined. A second phase (Phase II) was completed to test other areas of the pharmacy and vials, with blank samples included to reconfirm previously mentioned methodology. RESULTS: The results determined that the samples tested were below acceptable detection limits with the exception of the known contaminated sample (Phase I) and exterior surfaces of vials (Phase II). CONCLUSION: This project has increased staff awareness of the sources for antineoplastic agent workplace contamination. Some practice changes were instituted during the project itself. Logistics and expenses were realistic for routine monitoring to be adopted.
MeSH Terms: Alberta – Antineoplastic Agents/analysis* – Cancer Care Facilities – Cyclophosphamide/analysis* – Drug Packaging – Environmental Monitoring/methods* – Environmental Monitoring/standards – Feasibility Studies – Gloves, Protective/standards – Hu

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