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Burnout and psychiatrists: what do we know and where to from here?

Auteur     S Kumar
Résumé     Medicine in most parts of the world is becoming a stressful profession. Psychiatrists represent a high-risk group among doctors for experiencing burnout, alcohol and drug use, posing suicide risk and other forms of work-related stress. There are reports that entrants in the profession of psychiatrists are decreasing globally. Conceptual issues related to burnout are explored and factors contributing to burnout in psychiatrists are reviewed. Methodologically sound studies are needed to help us understand positive aspects of psychiatry as a profession and the environment psychiatrists work in. Effective treatment programmes for burnout are also needed not only to reduce suffering but also to retain psychiatrists in the profession.
Publication     Epidemiology and Psychiatric Sciences
Volume     20
Numéro     4
Pages     295-301
Date     Dec 2011

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