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Médecine du travail du personnel hospitalier

Ear and fingertip oxygen saturation measurements of healthcare workers wearing protective masks

Raymond J. Roberge, MD, MPH; Aitor Coca, PhD; W. Jon Williams, PhD; Jeffrey B. Powell, MS; Andrew J. Palmier, BS
Minor, but statistically sigrificant, differences in oxygen saturation measured by pulse oximetry were noted between NO5 filtering facepiece respirators with and without an exhalation valve and one model of an elastumeric air-purifying respirator worn by healthcare workers over one hour at two low work rates. Pulse oximetry determinations at the earlobe were significantly greater tlmn concurrently-obtained fingertip oximetry values, but the absolute differences were small and would presumably not be of practical significance. The use of respiratory protective equipment by healthy healthcare workers over a one hour period is not likely to result in any clinically sigrificant oxygen desaturations.
Respiratory Therapy, Vol 6 No. 4, pp 26-29 August/September 2011

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