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A complete HBV vaccination coverage among Polish surgical nurses in the light of anti-HBc prevalence: A cross-sectional sero-prevalence study

Auteur M Ganczak
Auteur M Ostrowski
Auteur Z Szych
Auteur M Korzeń
Résumé To determine the vaccination coverage for HBV and the prevalence of anti-HBc, an anonymous sero-survey of surgical/gynecologic nurses from 16 randomly selected hospitals in West Pomerania, Poland, was conducted. Among the 403 participants of whom HBV vaccination had been indicated, the vaccination coverage was 100%. The anti-HBc prevalence was 16.4%; with length of employment being associated with increased odds of being infected. The data obtained underscore the importance of hepatitis B vaccination for HCWs. This study documents the ability to obtain 100% vaccination coverage in nursing staff, an important goal in reducing the risk of HBV infection in this and other health care worker populations.
Publication Vaccine
Date Apr 7, 2010

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