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Radiation exposure of medical staff from interventional x-ray procedures: a multicentre study

Auteur Uwe Häusler
Auteur Renate Czarwinski
Auteur Gunnar Brix
Résumé The purpose of this study was to analyse the radiation exposure of medical staff from interventional x-ray procedures. Partial-body dose measurements were performed with thermoluminescent dosimeters (TLD) in 39 physicians and nine assistants conducting 73 interventional procedures of nine different types in 14 hospitals in Germany. Fluoroscopy time and the dose-area product (DAP) were recorded too. The median (maximum) equivalent body dose per procedure was 16 (2,500) microSv for an unshielded person; the partial-body dose per procedure was 2.8 (240) microSv to the eye lens, 4.1 (730) microSv to the thyroid, 44 (1,800) microSv to one of the feet and 75 (13,000) microSv to one of the hands. A weak correlation between fluoroscopy time or DAP and the mean TLD dose was observed. Generally, the doses were within an acceptable range from a radiation hygiene point of view. However, relatively high exposures were measured to the hand in some cases and could cause a partial-body dose above the annual dose limit of 500 mSv. Thus, the use of finger dosimeters is strongly recommended.
Publication European Radiology
Volume 19
Numéro 8
Pages 2000-2008
Date Aug 2009

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