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Smoke-free nurses: leading by example.

AAOHN J. 2005 May;53(5):209-12.
Smoke-free nurses: leading by example.
‘Halcomb KA.
Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, KY, USA.’

Occupational health nurses’ scope of practice includes health promotion and restoration of health from environmental hazards (American Association of Occupational Health Nurses, n.d.). Because the nursing profession is the largest constituent of health care providers, it is essential that occupational health nurses tackle the smoking epidemic among the nursing profession. By encouraging smoking cessation among nurses, occupational health nurses reduce the environmental hazard of second-hand smoke and improve the health of nurses who smoke. When occupational health nurses take an active role in encouraging smoking cessation among nurses, they become leaders in reducing smoking within their communities. Members of the nursing profession are also role models. Occupational health nurses must help nurses become healthy role models and credible educators in the battle against smoking.
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